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Release Date: Feb. 2nd, 2000 in Japan
                      Feb. 14th, 2000 in Europe & rest of the world
                      Feb. 15th, 2000 in the U.S. and Japan
 Track Listing: "Out of This World" (6:43), "Watching Me Fall" (11:13), "Where The
Birds Always Sing" (5:43), "Maybe Someday" (5:06), "The Last Day of Summer"
(5:36), "There Is No If..." (3:43), "The Loudest Sound" (5:09), "39" (7:18),
"Bloodflowers" (7:28). "Coming Up" will be a bonus track on
 the Japanese release.
 Total running time: 57:59
 Number of tracks on album: 9
 Number of tracks recorded: 16
 Missing Songs: "Coming Up",  "Just Say Yes", "Spilt Milk",  
"You're So Happy!", "Possession", "Heavy World", "Everything
 First single: An edit of "Out of This World" will be released in
 the UK and a few other countries as a radio promo single and
 an edit of 'Maybe Someday' (remixed by Mike Hedges) will be
 released in the US as a radio promo single.
 Produced by: Robert Smith & Paul Corkett
 Recorded at: St. Catherines in Bath
 Vocals & mixes done at: RAK in London
 Recalls & final mixes done at: Fisher Lane Farm in Surrey
 Tour plans: The band will be playing promo shows in Europe and
 the U.S. in Feb. and will then start the Dream Tour in mid to late